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be fit even if you sleep

odrive combines everything in very single application

GPS Statistics

Whether you know a site of your colleague or partner? Location of son, daughter or companion right now? To be serried team - it is easy. oDrive is the geoposition data logger, distance calculator and Time Analyzer which helps turn plans into reality.

Mobile life

Every day is full of trifles like bed linig, douche, breakfast, a short trip in the bus... Whether all these occupations burn calories? Whether it is known to you that even in 7 hours of a dream the body consumes ~ 200 calories? The oDrive mobile application determine automatically what physical activity you were occupied and how much it have burned calories.

Health Online

oDrive it as the personal trainer in phone. It controls a day regimen. He knows what to eat when to eat and how many to eat. He knows, how many calories you burnt and how many you would have to... Even more: oDrive is the advanced BMI calculator which guide you to an ideal form and new achievements day after day.

Velocity analysis

Whether you are a car rent agency or regular vehicle owner it’s possible to set up oDrive on your device and get know if the machine exceed the speed or it’s average velocity. Moreover the places which had been visited are grouping by 11 categories like Business Services Category, Education category or Entertainment category and displays in clear way how much time have been spent in each single place.

Between clouds

Height can be the cause of pressure differences at people subject to a hypertension. oDrive is the altimeter which will be useful during alpine skiing travel, in city skyscrapers, lowlands, near bogs or even in the desert. oDrive does possible own medical researches.



Information and knowledge could play a crucial role at the right time. You can quickly get know where ambulance, police car, water suppliers, cargo carrier or autobus. By plug in essential things to oDrive you do 21 century real. oDrive - smart city for flexible humanity.

Proper Amount

To reach best results quickly it’s necessary to follow special recipes and to consume some sport food. Or to use oDrive which knows best formulas and reckon your personal amount of daily calories norm to burn, to eat and calculate everything each day, week, month...

Healthy food

We firmly believe that knowledge how to use food is half of success. Another 50% is sport or physical activity. Only combination of the first and the second let you succeed easily. Modern dietology defines the well known rules. Check out with documentation to know more.

History of human food

Do you know difference between carbohydrates and albumens and what had been written in ancient Romans cookbook? Do you know what was supposed to be equal to the size of the cheese head which peasants gave to a tribute? oDrive we give you all the answers.

Mutual aid

oDrive box in the win! Sport is a wonderful way bringing together people and nations. You come to the right place if you want to change your body, change your health and change your life.


The Olympic Games it is an event where friends come not only for the sake of participation. Competitors shows advanced achievements. We sincerely trust that winners much more than heroes. You obtain data in a digestible form. You will revive health and join the world community. oDrive helps to achieve the objectives to everyone.


If you set a particular goal you'll always achieve it. oDrive and the community are always there for you in a difficult situations. They won't allow you from the right path. There would be no failure in real life with oDrive!

Clever log

The security is not just thing which exists or not. The Security is a process. Only with oDrive you can be sure that any place where you have been appeared will be persist safely in history on the next moment.


Coordinates broadcasting by human and other substances lead to positive revolution. oDrive use SSL protocol to pass your data. It’s serious and proved defence. You are free to hide or to share the information with mates.


Not everyone familiar with necessary formulas, likes to reckon and do future predictions. oDrive crazy to count everything and give out so much valuable information, how many you may wanted to. No telepathy, only science!

food support

One of the most important points during a weight loss/putting on is observance of the balanced diet. If something not ok with your weight, it means that in the future health could be exposed to diseases. To avoid any problems and to improve your physical state, just install oDrive.

Develop & Implement

oDrive is all in one solution. You do not need to install several applications or buy additional devices to know more. You do not need to put information by your hands. Our philosophy is on-time smart surveillance and knowledge. If computer can work for your pleasure, so let it be.

keep rhythm & win

You will not escape from own body. Right now you can start moving forward or degradete. The future depends on your choice. All methods of achievement of qualitative results were known long time ago. Install oDrive and future be better.

it's time to grow

It's never late to grow. Even if your health condition does not allows you be active you could start with small challenges today, and become better then you are tomorrow. oDrive it’s just toolkit to being happy.


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